• Starting an optics journal in troubled times

    Throughout the last year, the question of an economic crisis flashed in the newspaper headlines. In this unstable situation we embarked on the foundation of a journal on applied optics in industry and research. The first year of Advanced Optical Technologies has passed and – despite all the fears – authors as well as readers have adopted this new journal. 78 authors have published 61 papers in Advanced Optical Technologies until the end of 2012, including 14 tutorials and 21 review articles. Thousands of interested readers have used the electronic or the print versions of the journal to get excellent articles with recent findings and the know-how of well-established experts. In particular, the latter was broadcast in the newly establish format of tutorials and we received enthusiastic comments from the optics community. Industry-related magazines such as Laser Focus World followed our efforts carefully and featured AOT articles from the very beginning.

    Optics experts from 36 countries applied for a free subscription

    A promotion campaign on the social network LinkedIn offered free subscriptions (using the FLAVOR token) until the end of 2012. Articles from AOT were promoted in various LinkedIn groups and received a very positive feedback with a considerable number of comments and likes. The campaign delivered us not only a large number of new readers but also a first feedback on where they are located. Optics experts from not less than 36 countries registered for free access to Advanced Optical Technologies. 58% came from the Americas, 25% from Europe and 17% from Asian countries. The relatively low share of the Europeans in this data set might be influenced by the free access that is offered to the 5000+ members of the European Optical Society EOS as a member benefit. They can access the journal via their society’s website and hence, did not need to register for free access. The FLAVOR program for free electronic access to De Gruyter’s journals expired at the end of 2012, whereas the free access for EOS members continues at least throughout 2013.

    Fast processing of manuscripts

    With the online submission platform ScholarOneManuscript we achieved very short processing times for the manuscripts. The average time from submission to final decision for double peer reviewed manuscripts is about 33 days. The online publication including type setting and proof corrections takes another three weeks. Immediately after typesetting all manuscripts are published ahead-of-print with a fully citable DOI. For those authors who experience trouble with the online submission process we offer direct and personal support by our managing editor Holger Kleessen (contact@advanced-optics.org).

    Call for papers

    So what’s next? We have an ambitious editorial schedule for 2013. The year starts with a topical issue on Optical Design – you might be holding it in your hands right now! The data for the other topical issues are shown in Table 1. In 2013 Advanced Optical Technologies will continue to focus on certain topics with this concept of topical issues. In addition, there will be regular content from various fields of optics in each issue. Therefore, authors from all fields of applied optical technologies are now invited to submit their papers for publication in Advanced Optical Technologies. Table 1: Editorial Schedule for Advanced Optical Technologies

    Issue Number Topical Issue Manuscript Submission
    1/2013 Optical Design Done
    2/2013 Imaging Cameras/ Sensors Done
    3/2013 Microscopy Technology 28 February 2013
    4/2013 Lighting & Illumination 15 April 2013
    5/2013 Optical Materials 15 May 2013

    With a fast double peer-review process we enable a high-quality publication visible to the whole optics community. The journal has applied for an ISI impact factor and other indices. Citations are now counted. For more information such as Instructions for Authors or free sample articles please visit our website www.degruyter.com/aot. For even more information you may send us an email at contact@advanced-optics.org. (This text has been taken from the issue 1/2013 of Advanced Optical Technologies, Copyright by THOSS Media and De Gruyter)