A passion for excellence

  • Solid growth with content marketing

    CLEO Workshop

    OSA invited me to give a workshop on Effective Scientific Writing at CLEO conference.

    The content marketing boom has finally arrived at THOSS Media with some nice outcome: The revenue for 2016 has increased by approximately 35%, mainly due to several annual orders for high quality PR texts. Plans for 2017? Further growth and hopefully some additional workforce.

    Around the world with EuroBlech

    So far THOSS Media has been a one man show, where I realize many projects through long-term partnerships with like-minded persons and companies. In 2016 Niko Fecht joined this network. He is a gifted writer with decades of experience working for the German mechanical engineering industry. Together we won a contract to support EuroBlech with some high value PR. With more than 60,000 visitors the EuroBlech is the biggest trade show for sheet metal processing in the world and the organizers from Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd communicate their PR in 12 different languages. Supported by this massive propaganda our whitepaper „Quo vadis Industry 4.0?“ made it to various trade magazines around the world, namely in Singapur, India, Malaysia, Brazil, America and almost all European industrialized countries.

    Feature articles (not only) for the Fraunhofer society

    The German Fraunhofer society is one of the most important customers of THOSS Media. Within the last two years I could win several annual contracts from different institutes of this society. Beside a lot of PR support, last year also brought orders for a number of feature articles such as the text on ultrathin mobile cameras for the Fraunhofer IOF in Jena. Another interesting field was covered in a piece for the 3Dsensation consortium with a feature on men-machine interaction in the German B2B magazine MaschinenMarkt.

    Editorial partnership helps in social media too

    Last September I received a surprising email: After I submitted several texts for clients to the American magazine Laser Focus World Conard Holton contacted me. Conard is the responsible publisher in the LFW team and asked me if I would be interested to write more regularly for them. OF COURSE! I read this magazine for ages and tight relations to editors is one of the main assets of my work.

    In the meantime, a considerable list of blogposts has been created there. And about every second week I add another one. With some interesting effect: Thanks to the large outreach of Laser Focus World with about 70.000 subscribers my post on new  LIDAR-Systems for autonomous cars received considerable attention on LinkedIn with more than 100 Likes on my profile and at the site of the Qanergy CEO.

    2017: Lots of PR, Workshops and … a vacancy!

    And what are the plans for 2017? First it looks like lots of work. Beside the agency business there will be ongoing development at the scientific journal Advanced Optical Technologies. In 2016 AOT has been selected for the scopus ranking (CiteScore). This drives traffic and submissions. The content plan for 2017 is almost completed, after an issue with unsolicited submissions a few days ago there will be some more topical issues with mainly invited content.

    And the will be new Workshops: After some orders from the Optical Society of America OSA in 2016 I will do some more events in Europe such as a Workshop on Journal Publishing at the Mediacampus Frankfurt on April 4 and 5. This will be done together with Bas Straub.

    This is a tough program and it calls for some support. I am still working on an official document for the vacant position, but first candidates have already been contacted. If you are interested, just call or send an email.