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  • 3 simple tricks for using links in LinkedIn posts

    Ever seen all those perfect posts in your favorite LinkedIn group and you didn’t understand how to do it? There are no two ways about it, hyperlinks are a tricky. After trying in vain to find advice on LinkedIn, I came up with my own three point guide:

    1)   You can only use ONE hyperlink

    Only one direct link can be used in LinkedIn posts. Type a web address into the title field or the “Add more details…” field. LinkedIn searches for the site and shows some details, such as an image and the first bit of text it finds. The same goes if you paste text containing a web address into the field.

    3 Simple tricks for using links in LinkedIn posts

    2)   Use a URL shortener

    Some people like to see information on who was clicking their link. You can do this using a URL-shortener such as bit.ly. You simply create a shortened link out of your original web address and paste it into the input windows as described above. LinkedIn not only traces the actual address behind the URL shortener, it also allows you to see your regular statistics and works just the same as the original link. 3 Simple tricks for using links in LinkedIn posts

    3)   You can hide the link and modify describing texts

    Once LinkedIn has found the site referenced by the link, you can make a number of modifications. You can remove the address and/or replace it with a text better tailored to your goals. Yes, I know, this still doesn’t really change anything as the link itself cannot be altered. However, what you can do is modify the texts marked in the following screenshot. The part marked with red has 67 characters to modify, this will later become a hyperlink pointing to the original web address. The box marked in blue has space for 244 characters. Again, you cannot change the original link. 3 Simple tricks for using links in LinkedIn posts

    When you finally post your message, it will show a hyperlink and text as follows: 3 Simple tricks for using links in LinkedIn posts


    Finally some additional notes

    Note 1: This HowTo is NOT related to longform posts, which are a feature LinkedIn is currently rolling out. For a longform posts you have to write to LinkedIn and request the new feature. This HowTo is written for simple group posts without the need for any additional applications.

    Note 2: : LinkedIn may change those features without any notice. So try it out and comment on this post if you found out more than I did.


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