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    Solid growth with content marketing

    The content marketing boom has finally arrived at THOSS Media with some nice outcome: The revenue for 2016 has increased by approximately 35%, mainly due to several annual orders for high quality PR texts. Plans for 2017? Further growth and hopefully some additional workforce. Around the world with EuroBlech So far THOSS Media has been […]


    High tech – How to get it to the people?

    You’ve worked day and night, and now your technology is ready for its first customer. It’s absolutely great stuff and you are standing by for people to discover it, but they don’t. They don’t know about it. You’ve got to tell the world about it, but how? Where? And what? Let’s take a three-step approach […]


    APE2016: Where is the elephant?

    The conference on academic publishing in Europe APE is a great meeting for the global publishing industry. Publishers of all sizes meet here with societies, service providers and startups. Three days, about 200 people and a decent location in the very center of Berlin are perfect for networking and the exchange of thoughts. Beside the […]


    3 simple tricks for using links in LinkedIn posts

    Ever seen all those perfect posts in your favorite LinkedIn group and you didn’t understand how to do it? There are no two ways about it, hyperlinks are a tricky. After trying in vain to find advice on LinkedIn, I came up with my own three point guide: 1)   You can only use ONE […]


    „Effective Scientific Writing“ at SPIE Photonics Europe fully booked

    Nowadays, courses on scientific writing are common place for PhD students. Most of those teach classical topics such as journal selection or paper structuring. As part of the SCADEMIA initiative, the new course from THOSS Media goes two steps further by a) introducing new trends in publishing and b) showing the industry perspective.  The course […]


    All 2012 articles in AOT set to free access

    Right before the summer break there is some good news for authors and readers of Advanced Optical Technologies: All articles published in 2012 have been set to free access by our partner publisher De Gruyter. A few articles had been turned to free access after publication already, but now the publishers De Gruyter and THOSS […]


    AOT articles featured in Laser Focus World

    The first issue of Advanced Optical Technologies was well received in the optics community. A particular appreciation came from the American magazine Laser Focus World. In its May issue LFW featured an article from AOT’s first issue. It refers to the article “Temporal multiplexing and shaping of few-cycle pulses with microoptical retroreflector arrays” by R. […]


    New Journal “Advanced Optical Technologies” Now Online

    The first issue of the new scientific journal Advanced Optical Technologies is now published at the site of our publishing partner de Gruyter. Among eleven scientific articles one may find three tutorials and 4 review articles related to applied optics. Leading experts such as Michael P. Schaub (A tutorial on plastic consumer optics) share their […]


    Welcome to Photonics West 2012

    Certainly, it is a big conference and and even bigger trade show. But for someone who followed the event for more than a decade, Photonics West is at first a place to meet old friends and to find new ones. Then, of course, it is a great place to learn the latest from photonics research […]


    New Journal on Advanced Optics founded

    In 2012, De Gruyter will start producing the new specialist journal Advanced Optical Technologies in partnership with the European Optical Society (EOS). This journal addresses readers from applied science and industry, with a range of articles dedicated to the science and application of state-of-the-art optical technologies and processes. The journal uses a new format aimed […]