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    Who is your target audience and what do you want to say? These are the most fundamental questions at the beginning of any project. Only a thorough understanding of these issues can help you to decide which communication channel is best to transmit your message most efficiently and to the right people.

    Press Releases: Do you want to create awareness for your organization in the press? Do you want to disseminate your latest scientific findings or the details of your new technology? We will create inspiring texts out of your information and distribute it to the key media in your community.

    White Paper: You have created a new technology that is both fascinating and complex?  A white paper may be the right way to transmit all the information on the technology to your target audience. Based on the technical specs and a telephone interview with your expert, we can produce high quality text for you and, most importantly,  find the right medium with optimal visibility for maximum impact.

    Newsletter: You want to create a regular contact to your business leads? We offer a full Newsletter service. From creative and eye catching layouts, top-notch content, to sophisticated tracking and analysis of your recipients.

    Micro Sites: Your idea needs a new online platform? Our team of editors, programmers and art designers will find the most efficient solution.

    Webinars: Today, the scientific community is scattered all over the world.  So why not meet up online? Webinars save time and money to both the audience and speaker. Webinars can also help attract keynote speakers with busy schedules. Webinars have come a long way from crackled conference calls. Modern technologies allow for professional and multimedia enhanced presentation. We can organize, chair and promote your event.

    Social Media: Everybody is talking about it, what would it mean for your marketing? Let’s talk about it and find out how social media can help you to reach the audience you need.

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